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Check out little bean cafe’s snack recipes that will satisfy every craving

Snacks can define the quality of your time and we define the quality of snacks to make your meal and time both perfect. At Little Bean Cafe we offer an exceptional range of snacks for food lovers. Whether you need to enjoy a quick meal with friends and colleagues, or you need to arrange a party at the office or home, we are there to accommodate all with a team of expert chefs. Our exclusive services of catering in Camden and other areas are known for excellence and quality we offer.


Add Salad $5.00 extra

Beef lasagne


Spinach Frittata (Homemade)


Vegetable Frittata (Homemade)


Zucchini Corn Fritters (Homemade)


Beef Nachos

Guacamole, sweet chilli sauce & sour cream


Schnitzel burger

Chicken schnitzel, Cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon & honey mustard


Schnitzel burger

Chicken schnitzel, Cheese, tomato, cucumber, sweet chilli & sour cream


Beef burger

Beef patty, Cheese, tomato, lettuce, Fried onion, beetroot with BBQ sauce


Beef pie


Chicken & mushroom pie


Sausage roll


Ham Quiche


Spinach Quiche







Smoked Salmon










Baked Beans


Hash Brown

$2.50 ea




$2.50 ea

Hot Chips


Kids Meals

Kids Bacon & Egg

Bacon with 1 egg and 1 slice of toasted sourdough


Kids Pancakes

1x pancake
ADD: Ice cream $1.50 | maple syrup $0.80 | bananas $1.00 | strawberries or Nutella $1.00


Kids Meal

With fruit salad, popper & popcorn
sandwich-cheese, spreads or ham $1.50


About Us

Little Bean Cafe is one of the fastest growing cafe offering world class scrumptious food menu for our clients in South West Sydney.

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